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CureTicket is digitizing the medication prescribing process for doctors, patients and pharmacists by offering them a user-friendly e-prescribing tool & archive

Curescribe For Doctors

Cure Scribe offers its physician users a handy tool that will help them save their time and maintain their accuracy. CureScribe is part of our platform and could be accessed on both computers and smartphones. Physicians of CureTicket get to have all their patients’ personal details saved, moreover they can access previous prescriptions, laboratory reports and scans. They can also add private notes to their patients’ profile

  • Physicians save their time by
  • Reaching their patients profile easily

    Prepare and submit prescriptions in seconds

    Offer consultation through the app when no second visits are needed.

  • Physicians get to save their money as well where hardcopies of prescriptions are not needed.
  • This app helps them maintain a way more professional consultancy and check.
  • Hassle free prescription and dosage
  • Medicines of different concentrations are all enlisted
  • Alternatives of medicines are enlisted and without difficulty checked.
  • CureDeal For pharmacies

    One of our empowering platform tools that is offered to pharmacies is CureDeal. It is for pharmacies that accelerates, organizes and secures their drug dispensing performance. CureDeal connects physicians with pharmacies, enabling physicians to add their prescriptions to a patients profile, hence, they are read by the pharmacies giving out medicine.

  • Reading prescriptions becomes effortless.
  • Dosages are clearly and concisely added by the physicians.
  • Patients wait time is saved and hence the pharmacy’s
  • Every medicine is accessible with its concentrations
  • Reports about any medicine dispensing/unavailability could be easily accessed
  • CuReward Club and its loyalty points results in patients retention
  • CureX App for patients

    curexApp is every patient’s carry around archive of their prescriptions and doctors they’ve been to. curex connects the patient with their doctors in addition to the labs they got tested in. Laboratories get to send every patient’s results of analysis and scans without the need of receiving them in person

  • Patients receive accurate prescriptions with clear dosages instructed.
  • Second visits to the physicians are not needed for consultation
  • Patients get notified with their dosage time beforehand
  • The patient can hand over their lab results and scans to their doctors

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